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Talk Your Way Through Your Troubles

At Wyoming Counseling Inc. we realize the importance and crucial need to talk about and be able to discuss one’s pain, trauma, bad experiences and other problems. Our experts and counselors are there for the clients- to understand and empathize with all their problems, lend an ear to their pain and help them bring themselves out of it.
  • Wyoming Counseling Inc. provides EMDR Trauma Counseling – Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing
  • We provide therapy for Individuals, Children, Families, Couples, as well as Group Therapy for people with similar problems.
  • Our specialties lie in Play Therapy & EMDR Trauma Counseling
  • Our experts are well-trained in conversing with children and comforting them.
individual counseling

Contact us at 307-674-1520 today and rest assured you are coming to caring hands.